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Exclusive training

Osteopathy Seminars

Psychobiological osteopathy is a new area at the service of the osteopath, a very broad and extensive field to explore and develop for the benefit of our patients. Psychobiological osteopathy, Subconscious Tissue Communication, C.S.T., fits like a glove into the global approach of contemporary osteopathy and answers many unresolved questions faced by osteopaths in practice..

Neonatal Pediatric Osteopathy.

1 module 18 hours o
2 módulos 14 hours
Neonatal osteopathy includes the treatment of the baby from birth up to the first month of life. In this training, specializing in pediatric osteopathy, the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches very different from the classical techniques of pediatric osteopathy following the M.R.P.

Global integration of diagnosis in osteopathy, IGDO.

1 module 24 hours o
2 modules 12 hours

The objective of this training is to achieve and define a diagnostic model based on osteopathic scientific evidence, as well as on osteopathic clinical reasoning and approach. It is about providing the student with the necessary theoretical-practical tools to organize, in an efficient, coherent and scientific way, the osteopathic diagnosis….

The ANS, together with the psyche and the musculoskeletal system, form the three dimensions of the human structure, which adapt permanently to the outside environment. The specific capacity of the human being to coordinate these three systems to adapt to the external environment will result in a good homeostasis.
Science has discovered the importance of sleep for health 7 to 8 hours a night. We are talking about a “regenerative” sleep, since It is during deep sleep that our cells regenerate through growth hormone, which is secreted in greater quantity in that moment…
This module is focused on the endocrine system from the point of view diagnostic and therapeutic osteopathy. We will address the main etiologies that alter our hormonal system, translating into a multiplicity of symptoms and “diseases”…
The whiplash, or cervical whiplash, is the traumatic pathology that most repercussions it has on the entire corporeal economy. At a structural level: with cervical, thoracic, lumbar, pelvic affectations; at the fascial level: with repercussions throughout the spine;…

Osteopathic Concept of Cancer

1 module
20 hours
According to the World Health Organization, cancer is one of the main causes of death in the world. No disease like cancer monopolizes so much research in the laboratories, and it is so feared by the public. Is very important that osteopaths acquire the greatest possible competence in this field….